The ‘A’ Level Programme conducted by London Examinations, Edexcel International, comprising Year 12 and Year 13, is a modular programme which offers components of Science, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting and Business Studies.

The ‘A’ Level examinations are divided into Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A2) Modules. Each module is subdivided into three units, assessed by an exam paper or by coursework, so that the student take up to six units for an Advanced Level qualification.

The modular programme offered is very flexible compared to other ‘A’ Level Programmes which are linear. The student can take AS as a qualification in its own right. On the other hand, the student can take AS in one year and A2 in the next.

The AS modules focus on skills, knowledge and understanding developed during the first half of the advanced course of study. The conceptually demanding A2 modules emphasize more on the development of skills rather than on the learning of specific content.

On the completion of an 18-month programme, the student may request to obtain an overall grade. However, if the student is dissatisfied with his/her results, he/she may postpone his/her request and repeat any particular unit, to improve on his/her grade.

For Modular AS and A2s, each course unit is divided into three parts:

Tutorial – taking the student through the unit with explanations, summaries, exercises and suggestions for further reading.

Examination Practice – guidance on the type of questions set in the exam, with worked examples.

Assignment – for marking by the Tutor

The following subjects are offered:-

Business Studies