Director & Principal

Mrs Debra Tapscott


A very warm welcome to the Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur website.

Sayfol is an institution where children from 60 different countries of the world are educated, whereby we endeavour to blend this international mixture of children causing a special effect of cordiality and harmony between one another so that we consider all of us, students, teachers and support staff as one united family – the Sayfol family.

We offer a British based curriculum where the students are encouraged to develop their full potential intellectually, socially, creatively, emotionally and physically.

Our school has chosen to limit its intake so as to retain a family atmosphere and to provide personalized attention to each child according to his/her individual needs.

We strive to nurture reverence, imagination, creativity, independent thinking, academic excellence and enthusiasm for life. The school’s exceptionally outstanding academic examination results in the International General Certificate of Examination (IGCSE) reflect that we remain amongst the highest achieving schools in the world.

We are fortunate to have a devoted, caring and dedicated staff who are always willing to provide many opportunities for the students to grow and develop so that they become responsible, confident citizens ready to face the challenge of living in today’s dynamic, competitive and challenging world.

Welcome to the Sayfol Family!

Best Wishes
Mrs. Debra Tapscott