Sayfol was founded in 1985 with the following philosophy:

The quest of knowledge, only if rightly guided, sincerely imparted and assimilated with dedication, can prove successful to man and mankind, not only in the making of a distinguished individual but in the formation and continued existence of a realistic and peaceful world. A combination of academics, character building and discipline paves the way for the quest of this knowledge, for the successful pursuit of human goals and the ultimate in human endurance towards a peaceful prosperous life. This then is the Quest of Knowledge – a complete education of The Child, for which SAYFOL was founded and through whose corridors “The Child” while passing, is transformed into a youth of fine intellect and exemplary character ready to face the world most successfully, with honour and dignity.

Our SAYFOL Crest
In the tranquil peace provided by Providence
so solemnly depicted by the Olive branch,

which adorned the crown of heroes of the centuries gone by,

the treasured young of today nurture themselves

as the noble of tomorrow,

illuminating their way in this world with the Flame of learning,

each day climbing the Mountains of life,

carving their place in the ocean of humanity,

diligently using the Sword of justice to attain

that Crowning  glory which every human desires.

And so the crest of Sayfol that adorns the chest of every child

That passes through the corridors,

In its own silence, says to them. “OH YE SAYFOLIAN”


(In the name of GOD, seek KNOWLEDGE)