Head of School’s Message

Mrs Judy Meiners

Mrs Judy Meiners

Head of School

Building on the foundation of a strong curriculum expectations, Sayfol continues to strive for a high standard of student achievement.  Sayfol has a tradition of performing extremely well on the IGSCE and IAL exams.  This past year our students achieved 99% pass rate on the IGCSE exams which is well above the results of students from other Asian countries and some of our students have achieved world class standard.

To support high student achievement the teachers at Sayfol are continuing to support the holistic education of our students ensuring the development of 21st century skills or transferable skills along with high achievement ensures our students are prepared for the next stage of their lives.  Along with student engagement in their learning, the co-curricular program helps to develop not only their physical skills but their social and emotional skills as well.

My goals for all the students at Sayfol are to ensure that:

  • your children feel safe and happy at school;
  • our classrooms are settled, productive learning environments;
  • all students work towards their academic potential;
  • our children develop social skills that allow them to interact with others in a positive manner;
  • staff are engaged in ongoing learning to provide relevant, appropriate and innovative
  • teaching and learning experiences for students;
  • students, parents and staff work in partnership, and with mutual respect, for the benefit of all;
  • and we continually strive to make a great school even better.