Proud Sayfolians

Sayfol really shaped me into who I am today. My years at Sayfol taught me to always focus on improvement. I learnt to be confident but at the same time realistic. I joined the MOKPO Maritime University, and I am putting all my experience I gained at Sayfol to test.

Yong Keun Song

MOKPO Maritime University

BYUN WA JOO Class of 2015 (2004-2015) + A Levels (2015-2017) – Class of June 2015

I joined Sayfol in Primary 1 and I have continued to study until A Levels. For the past 13 years, Sayfol has given me wonderful experiences.  It’s been a place to learn and develop. Sayfol has prepared me fully for my next chapter in life, being a student in Seoul National University.  I am glad to have studied in an institution that has helped me to reach my goals and I am saying it from the bottom of my heart.  The school is really committed in nurturing students and tailors to the needs of individual students.  Everyone at Sayfol including the administration staffs are helpful and approachable. I am able to ask for assistance given.  In addition, I feel Sayfol will be able to help and bring out the best in its students as long as they are willing to listen and learn.  The school has students from all over the world. We are taught to be tolerant and respect one another. As I am able to embrace different cultures, thus I am able to mingle well with all.

In Sayfol, I have taken up many roles:

  1. I was a Prefect since Primary 6
  2. A Class Monitor at Year 10
  3. A Class Monitor of Year 11
  4. Member of the Marching Band and Orchestra

Seoul National University

Entrepreneurship has been instilled in me through the lessons I took during my time at Sayfol. I understood the fundamentals of economics and business through experienced teachers.

Ali Reza Parpei

Trainer and Entrepreneur

I loved Biology lessons and my teachers recognised the potential in me very early on. I learnt to think out of the box and be diligent. Thank you Sayfol.

Ku Ji Yen

Medical Student

English literature and the mysterious world of literature gave me the motivation to go ahead and try new things in my life. I’m studying journalism as part of my course and Sayfol has everything to with what I have become today.

Piya Raj Sukhani

Student Journalist at UNESCO