Building teams, defying gravity.

Children learn and grow not only from school but through play and interaction.

After a year of project-based-learning, collaborative assignments, and exams, year 5 bid the academic year adieu with a day of gravity defying games at EnerZ indoor theme park, Subang Jaya.

Buzzing with excitement, the day began with a safety briefing by Mr Jeremy on the need to follow rules to have fun. “What happens when people don’t follow traffic rules?”, to which the students replied “Accidents happen!”. In the same vein, he said that “if you don’t follow the rules today, something might happen but if you listen to the instructions, everyone’s going to have a good time. Safety First!”.

Upon arrival at the theme park, students got the ball rolling with some light stretching and exercise before being divided into four teams for competitive sports. Students were familiar with the games as they have been well trained by the PE department in basketball, dodgeball and other athletic team sports. The only difference? Trampolines!

Students were seen cheering each other on and strategising at trampoline dodgeball and had to race against time at trampoline basketball. The skydive required a “leap of faith” which taught them courage and the 30-metre obstacle course was a test of stamina, strength, balance and mental fortitude. It was a moment for many to face their fear of heights.

By learning and playing together, year 5 developed community skills such as teamwork, helpfulness, listening and respect. They learnt the importance of following rules, listening to their teachers and treating their peers with fairness and respect, without which they could not have a good time. It was a real demonstration of Tuckman’s stages of group development (forming–storming–norming–performing) and students were seen moving from one stage to the other.

At day’s end, the winning teams were awarded a keepsake to take home for their proud parents to see while other smaller victories received a hi-5 or “great job”.  Everyone adjourned for a communal meal at KFC before heading back to Sayfol where we all looked forward to some EnerZzzz.

Teachers of Year 5

(5th July 2017)

Everyone is ready to go on the excursion!             

Teachers and organizers worked together to ensure students get to enjoy the activities safely.

Students get to work on their motor coordination skills at the obstacle challenge (Gut Builder).

Students working on the implementation of their strategies in dodgeball.

Students competed in trampoline based activities and the winners received their prizes by EnerZ.

 Teachers too, get the chance to try the activities out with the students.