Sayfol International School

Our School

Sayfol International School is an institution of learning where children from 60 different countries of the world are educated, whereby we endeavour to blend this international mixture of children causing a special effect of cordiality and harmony between one another in a manner so deep and sincere that once within campus of the school, we believe and consider all of us, teachers and the support staff as one united family – The SAYFOL Family.

From here the teachers and the children take pride in calling themselves ‘SAYFOLIANS’.

Academic Excellence

The primary aim of the school is to offer its students a sound education of high academic standard with a strong focus on discipline and academic studies. The school’s exceptionally outstanding academic examination results in the Pearson Edexcel International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Examinations reflect that we remain amongst the highest achieving schools in the world.

Self Discipline

There is no success without discipline. Within the school, the students are taught the fundamentals of good conduct and self-discipline at all times as well as to respect others and to maintain high standards of politeness. These fundamentals are imparted to the child very carefully, constantly tempered with love and affection.

Moral Support

At Sayfol, we believe that high level of moral fibre is essential. We help the students both directly through discussions and indirectly through their experiences during curricular and extra-curricular activities, to overcome the problems and temptations they may face in life.

Self Confidence & Reliance

Too often children and young adults are undermined by criticism. The Sayfolian is taught to have the confidence to face adverse situations and comment with reason and not emotion, objectively not subjectively as well as not to dissipate its valuable energy and intellect by being perturbed or negatively influenced by outside comments, opinions or actions.

Here the students are taught to look after themselves and their belongings. They are put into positions or responsibility both in the class and in the school in general. They learn not only the qualities of responsibility and leadership but also the various skills needed for independence.

Our Philosophy

We believe the quest of knowledge, only if rightly guided, sincerely imparted and assimilated with dedication, can prove successful to man and mankind, not only in the making of a distinguished individual but in the formation and continued existence of a realistic and peaceful world.

A combination of academic, character and discipline paves the way for the quest of this knowledge, for the successful pursuit of human goals and the ultimate in human endurance towards a peaceful and prosperous life.

This then is the Quest of Knowledge – a complete education of the child, for which SAYFOL was founded and through whose corridors “The Child”, while passing, is transformed into a youth of fine intellect and exemplary character ready to face the world most successful with honour and dignity.


Our mission is to provide a positive and caring environment for Kindergarten through to Secondary level students from all five continents. Within this community the students are encouraged to develop their full potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, creatively, morally and physically in order to become responsible, tolerant, discerning, confident and competitive citizens in a demanding and challenging world.


Our vision is to foster the development of the child through love, care and respect for his or her being.

We strive to nurture reverence, imagination, creativity, independent thinking, academic excellence and enthusiasm for life.

We strive to transform the child into a youth of fine intellect and exemplary character ready to face the world with honour and dignity.

As teachers and parents, we are committed to realizing these qualities in our consciousness and daily activities.